Mercury is in Retrograde

Just in case you were wondering why things started going “weird” for you today, it’s because Mercury is in Retrograde until August 2nd.

What does this mean? Usually about three times a year, Mercury appears to go backwards to we Earthlings in respect to the zodiac. Because of the way the planets orbit in relation to each other, this is only an illusion, called apparent retrograde motion. Traditionally this period is blamed for many of our occasional bouts of confusion, frustration, and oopsies! Well, if you feel overly confused, foggy in the head, frustrated, are making a lot of mistakes, nothing seems to be working in your favor, etc., blame Mercury.

I’m big into my zodiac sign. I study it regularly and learn more about my self every day. I also believe in a power higher than us, but I don’t believe there is one overall omnipotent being. I believe there are several forces working together; the planets, our collective souls, the elements, and imagination.

Be open minded. Be present. Be positive. Be You. And you will have a fulfilling life. In the meantime, if all hell is breaking loose, blame Mercury.